Yeshua, the Cross, and The Path of Karmic Passage

Lately, I have been reminded of some of the teachings I grew up within the church, but not in the way I ever may have imagined during that time. If you are like me, you have had your resentments and judgements of the organized religion, but just so we get that out of the way, that’s not what I came here to speak about. I want to speak about the truth of this greater metaphor as it relates to awakening and truth.

During this time, so many are stuck in their karma. By karma here, I mean repeating patterns from many centuries of belief systems, from their ancestors, from the conditioning of which they have grown up believing. Even if they think they are escaping their karma by joining a different group, the patterns still remain. It does not matter the identity you carry if you have tied your survival to it, if you have made it mean something about you. You are still living on the karmic wheel of suffering. I don’t mean “suffering” here as a judgement, but more as a fact. To cling to thought forms as truth is inherently a place of pergatory. And to step out of that space requires a whole new alignment to reality.

See, the mistake people make is that they see Jesus (or as I like to refer to him by his historical name, Yeshua) as a series of identities. They fight over the identities he carried. He is either White Jesus who forgives all your sins or he is the hipster meme version of an anarchist vagabond who hung out with poor people. All of these dismiss the greater mythology of what this figure represents. And it’s also highly egoic to project our current societal morals onto such a mysterious and illogical figure. Rather, we can see the greater pathway that he represents, which in this case, is that of awakening.

But first, before we start, I want you to notice how your mind may want to argue here and get stuck on Jesus. Forget Jesus for a second, even though this is technically about him. But sometimes you have to drop something and pick it back up later so that you don’t get too fixated by your mind. Let it role. Okay. We begin.

I want you to imagine the cross. Notice how it feels in your body. Notice all the projections your mind wants to make about the cross and what it represents. (I also dare you to sit with the hot kink of naked Jesus nailed to the cross. Okay, I got distracted there. But there is something to be said for that hanging in churches for so many centuries. No one was turned on? Okay, I digress.)

The cross in it’s most ancient mythology is a crossing of the feminine cervix with the masculine phallus. It is the most ancient symbol of fertility and creation. On a greater cosmic level, it is also the divine expression of the masculine and feminine into creation.

Why is this important? Well, here we have a man (doesn’t even matter that he’s a man, we could just say a person) baring the first holy symbol of creation on his back. Walking through the streets, being mocked, hit, and maimed by the public. All in service to what?

If you read the scriptures and try to logic it from the poorly translated Greek to English by some of our favorite lords (thank you King James), you may think the whole scheme is a crock of horse shit. Like really? Jesus, saving us? By the father? So we don’t go to this place called Hell?

But the truth is that Yeshua represents a sacrifice that can be seen unless you understand the nature of karma and truth. And that is that Yeshua reveals to us the path of releasing our worldly vision of ourselves in order to access the great Christ, Christos, that lives within. The path of awakening light that transcends karmic loops of suffering and into heaven, a heaven which is available to us here, as well as a Hell that is available to us here. It is all within the realm of choice and awareness.

Many scholars believe that, though the church scheduled Jesus’s birthday in December (to align with the Winter Solstice to appease the Pagans), history reveals that he was actually born in February, making him a Pisces. Pisces also happens to be the last zodiac of them all, representing the last karmic cycle before awakening.

Like the death of Yeshua on the cross, the current structures of our society are dying. On either side of the aisle (which “either side” really only contends to a major death part of the cycle), both groups may tell you their culture is falling apart, their values are being deconstructed, they are being silenced (and thus they must silence others in return). The entire thing is like a Dali painting where the clock is melting and you are looking around asking, “what is reality, really?”

I would say, collectively, we are in the time of the tomb. Is there a decomposing body? Possibly. Do we know? Not right now. But in the heart of the living legend of Yeshua lies a deeply hidden secret. That in death comes resurrection.

Now, mind you, I just got out of a 4-day journey with my teacher, Perri Chase, called Resurrection. So I want to credit her for reclaiming the lost lineage here of what this mythos truly represents in its fullness. I’ll also credit Carolyn Elliot here for her first giving me the interpretation of “queer Jesus the great alchemist”. Both of these women are teachers of this great work at this time and I’m grateful for their contribution to this current unraveling that you are reading. Now, back to Yeshua.

Christos, carrier of the grand alchemy of awakening, understands his duty. To fully die to himself to be reborn. But he is not dying to pacify someone or something, but to express the greater soul that dwells beyond the body. And it is only through the Holy Spirit that this can be done.

Before you get really caught up on what the Holy Spirit is, I want to offer that your mind can’t really comprehend what She is. And when I mean She, I am saying, yes, the Holy Spirit is the Feminine Creation of Consciousness awakening Yeshua to his rightful truth as a beyond-human-god.

It is only in our humanness that we deify him as something untouchable or unknowable to our own consciousness. It’s why he’s made as a glorified hanging bleeding piece of propaganda in churches. ( But really, can you just accept that maybe, at one point, when you were in church, that you were just a little curious about those skinny abs and long legs? Okay, coming back).

It is also in our egoic minds that we (and I mean the collective “we” as the church is part of the collective mind) that Yeshua has been used to glorify the small mind of the masculine. Writings including the “Magdalene Manuscripts” (which I’m going, to be honest, I have not read) site Yeshua and Mary to be tantric practitioners in the cult of Isis. And wouldn’t that make sense, given his carrying of the cross?

And so, by his side, as he decomposes, or does or whatever is happening in that cave, both Marys are outside. Both his mother and his bride. Both holders of the great cosmic awakening that is to be his illumination.

Are they both shocked? Yes, they are human women. And okay, I am going to stop here and really humanize these women because that’s also part of the Feminine. Like the real, raw stuff, of like realizing that you are magical and powerful AF and you literally fall down to your knees in awe of what unfolds.

The thing is that no one really believes that Jesus will come back. Everyone (even those who love him dearly) are hopeless. They have given up, let go, and totally surrendered to his death. And much like that, I believe it is time to surrender to the death of the collective. To give up all illusions of our current free society and see what is behind the curtain. To be faced with the cultural, ancestral, and past life karma to fully come into a new reality.

This is absolutely not easy! I never want to say it like it’s just a matter of changing our mindset. Rather, it is a deep transcendence INTO self, into knowing self, into recognizing self within.

The word “Shekinah” is the Hebrew word for the Feminine expression of God. And though I have not studied this lineage quite at all, I do always remember what the word shekinah means, which is the ‘dwelling place of God.’

She, the one who resides in the most hidden and quiet place of the self. She, the one who carries all-knowing and secrets. She, who resides within each of us. I believe it is SHE that Yeshua connected within the tomb. And SHE is THAT the great I AM, that we have the opportunity to remember at this time.

She is our reclamation of birth if we would only step into the dark and trust what is on the other side.


Oracle and Alchemist, writer and artist

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